I will guide you through the period before pregnancy, the time of pregnancy, the period of childbirth and postpartum with love, support and care.



A doula is with the client from the pregnancy to postpartum. This creates a confidential relationship between them, and allows the doula to best perceive the needs of the women and child.
The doula encourages her to listen to her body and its signals.
She approaches a woman with love, care and humility, both mentally and physically.
She provides support, provides the necessary information, she is trained, educated and professional.
She does not represent the medical staff, but cooperates with them, as well as supports the needs of the pregnant woman and her husband with regard to the current situation.
She is a great support to the woman during the labour process, co-creates a safe space and lovingly takes care of the mental and physical well-being of partners and babies.
A doula has a very positive effect on the course of childbirth, unreservedly cares for the woman, does not judge, and supports the process of the birth of the child with care and tenderness.



I live with my husband, two sons, dog and the others animals. Above all, I love them! We have a lot of fun. I am open and friendly, I have a sense of humor, I handle things easily and calmly.
I practice as a doula with great love, tenderness and with maximum care about women. Women can experience a sense of lightness, peace, confidence and relaxed surrender to the birth process. I have already accompanied many satisfied and enthusiastic women. I graduated from a school for doulas in Brno, so I am A CERTIFIED DOULA. I experienced really nice births of my sons. Because of my experience, I decided to happily accompany women through this period and pass on to them the energy and imprint of my labors. At the same time, I am relatively earthy, passionate, an animal enthusist and also airy, with my arms outstretched to the heavens.

I have been doing therapies for many years. People who have minor and major mental health problems come to me; ill people who want to be healthy; women with postpartum depression; with trauma from labour; with problems getting pregnant, etc. But over time, I have moved more towards working as a doula.
I like if a woman feels safe with me, when she knows that there is mutual trust between us, she can confide in me with anything at any time, be open, and the birth process can take place in the most natural way. It’s beautiful to see a woman give birth to a baby with her own energy. It’s beautiful when she knows how amazing she is. I enjoy discussing issues that may seem seemingly irrelevant. I urge women and men to ask anything. There is nothing wrong. I am embracing, loving and caring.
Being in the space of the birth of a new life is an ecstatic experience for me and I am happy to be allowed to be present. I am very satisfied with the connection of those present. I tune in to the woman and the child and support her in her natural actions, letting her body say what it needs and at the same time I offer options for physical and mental support.



Free first meeting or consultation.

The price is 15.000,- CZK for the whole package.

I can also prepare you and your partner to give birth without me or you can only use the services of a postpartum doula (price by agreement).


Pregnancy relaxation massage

1.500,- CZK /approx. 1.5 hours

Touches of labour

1.500,- CZK /approx. 1.5 hours


1.000,- CZK / hour, approx. 1-3 hours

Placenta processing

3.500,- CZK